SLU-L proliferate silicon liquid-level transmitter

SLU-L proliferate silicon liquid-level transmitter

SLU-L proliferate silicon liquid-level transmitter


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SLU-L proliferate silicon liquid-level transmitter

.       Summary:

LU-L adopts proliferate silicon pressure sensors groupware which produced by famous NovaSensor, American company and with high accuracy & high stability. Through high stability amplifier electric circuit and accurate temperature compensation, it can transfer the measured liquid signal to 4~20mADC standard electric signal.

Exquisite seal technology and perfect installation process can insure the high quality & best performance. LU-L have two structure types: one-body type and separated-body type, and according to measured mediums, there are electric cable type, armored type and anti-corrosive type. Armored type and anti-corrosive type can resist corrasion of several kinds of corrosive liquid, can widely suit for user’s requirement.

LU-L have two types: common type and intrinsically-safety & explosion-proof type. Explosion-proof type can be used to each kind of execrable or hazardous industrial field.




·0~0.3m to 0~350m,

·One-body type and separated-body type,

·Electric cable type, armored type and anti-corrosive type,

·Prevent lightning strike and radio disturbance,

·Reverse polarity protection and current-limit protection,

·Intrinsically-safety & Explosion-proof,

·Zero & span external continually adjusted,

·High accuracy, high stability and high reliability.


3. Applicant:

·Liquid survey and control of industry field,

·Hydrology survey and control,

·Navigation and shipping manufacture,

·City water supply & sewage dealing with,

·Great river & dam and irrigation water construction,

·Gas separate device and thermal motors,

·Food and soft drink device,

·Chemical and hospital device,


4.Technical index

·Measured medium:

                  Water and common non-corrosive liquid (electric cable type);

                  Each kind of liquid which compatible to 316L ( armored type);

                  Each kind of corrosive liquid (anti-corrosive type);

·Range ability: 0~0.3m to 0~350m,

·Over-load pressure: 2 times of max. range,

·Output: 4-20mA DC (2-wires)

·Working voltage: 14~36VDC (2-wires), standard 24VDC±5%, Wpp<1%,

·Medium temperature: -25 ~ +100℃,

·Environment temperature: -20 ~ +85℃

·Load resistance: (4~20mA): R =(U-14)/0.02-R0, [U is power voltage, Ris electric cable inner Resistance], (0~10mA): R≤1KΩ,(0~5V): R≥300Ω


5. Performance index

·Accuracy: ±0.25%, including the synthesize errors of non-linear, repeat and return difference.

·Zero error: ≤±0.5% of output range (only for one-body type),

( Zero error is adjusted for separated-body type);

·Zero shift: 0~+80% of the max. range (only for separated-body type),

(No zero shift for one-body type)

·Range adjustment: can willfully adjust between the min. and max. ranges (only for  separated-body type),

(Range could not be adjusted for one-body type)

·Over-pressure affect: <0.25% of max. range

·Power affect: <0.01% of output range

·Load affect: can be neglected

·Temperature affect: ±1.5% of max. range (temperature –20~85℃, including zero &     span affections)

·Stability: ±0.25% of max. range (12 months)


6. Structure index:

·Diaphragm material: 316L stainless steel (for electric cable type and armored type);

                  Ceramic (for anti-corrosive type)

·Detection head material: 1Cr18Ni9Ti (for electric cable type and armored type);

                     PTFE. (for anti-corrosive type)

·Lead-out line: ventilate cable which outer diameter Φ9, double layer, wearable and water-proof (electric cable type);

Armored pipe which outer diameter Φ6, stainless steel (armored type);

PTFE. Soft pipe which outer diameter Φ7.5 (anti-corrosive type);

·Line connection box: aluminum alloy with plastic-spouted around the surface,

·Indicate meter: 0~100% linear indication (analog meter, only separated-body type);

              3-1/2 LCD digit display (digit display meter, only separated-body type);

·Explosion-proof: Instrinsically-safety: Ex ia Ⅱ CT5