SLU-CDP Electric Capacity Differential Pressure Transmitter

SLU-CDP Electric Capacity Differential Pressure Transmitter

SLU-CDP Electric Capacity Differential Pressure Transmitter


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As per details


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SLU-CDP Electric Capacity Differential Pressure Transmitter


1.Technical performance

●       To subject: liquid, gas or vapour

●       Range ability: 













●       Output: 4-20mA DC

●       Power: 24VDC, it may be 12VDC if non-load, max. is 45VDC

●       Positive & negative transfer: up and low may not exceed the range limit after positive & negative transfer, whatever the output is.

Max. positive transfer: 500% of the min. span.

Max. negative transfer: 600% of the min. span.


Temperature of operating for amplifier: -25℃ ~ +90℃

Temperature of operating for sensor:  -40℃ ~ +104℃

·Relative humidity: 0~100%

·Sensor capacity changes: <0.16cm3

·Indicate meter (field): scale gauge length: 30mm,

 Grade: 2.5

·Isolating explosion: ds Ⅱ BT5,   Intrinsically-safety: ia Ⅱ CT5

·Span & Zero: external continually adjusted

·Static-pressure and Over-pressure limit:

if add 0 (absolute pressure) –14Mpa to any side of the transmitter, no damage for transmitter

·Static-pressure affect:

Zero error: ±0.5% of max. range, when rated operating pressure

Range error:  pressure is±0.5%, this is a system error, may calibrate and eliminate the error according to Actual static pressure before mounting.

·Damp: continually adjusted when time constant is between 0.2~1.67 seconds.

·Settling time: 2s,


2. Performance Index

(note: test under the condition of none shift, max. range status of sensor, 316Lstainless isolating diaphragm and other standard condition)

·Accuracy: ±0.25% of the span, including the synthesize errors of linear,     change-difference and repeat.

·Stability: ±0.25% of max. range (12 months)


·Temperature affect:

 Zero error:±0.5% / 55℃,  zero & range errors:±1.0% / 55℃, when max. range;

 Zero error:±3.0% / 55℃,  zero & range errors:±3.5% / 55℃, when min. range;

·Over-pressure affect: ±0.25% of max. range (according to permitted over-loads for    different ranges)

·Vibration affect: ±0.05% / g of the max. range, when 200Hz, any axis up.

·Power affect: <0.005%/V of output range

·Load affect: none affect when voltage >12VDC input to the transmitter.

·Mounting position affect: may cause zero error max. 0.24Kpa, but can be calibrated.


3. Structure Index:

·Structure material: Diaphragm: 316 stainless steel, hastelloy C, Monel alloy, Tantalum;

                             O ring: Fluorin rubber;

Flange & bolt: 316 stainless steel;

Fill oil: silicon oil;

Electric shell: low-Cu & aluminum alloy

Plating of electric shell: toast lacquer of amido, formyl, ethene & colophony;

·Pressure-lead connector:

Flange NPT 1/4 (taper pipe screw thread), (this is the transmitter flange connection);

Connection head screw thread NPT 1/2 (taper pipe screw thread), (selected); 

·Electric parts connector:

Down-lead conduit NPT 1/2 line-through hole;

·Net weight: 2.4kg (exclude the selected parts)